The Cross Pathway


The Cross Pathway is how our church family walks together as a movement of truth, love, and community. From visiting a gathering, to attending our connect track, to becoming a partner, to leading a ministry, to being sent out to plant future churches…our pathway serves as our strategic guide in making disciples of all nations.

As a member of Cross Church, we want you to be involved in 4 specific areas of our church:

  1. We want you to Gather for weekly worship and teaching at a Sunday worship gathering.
  2. We want you to Connect through groups, serving, and partnership.
  3. We want you to Grow through Foundations, D-Groups, and leadership development.
  4. We want you to Go through evangelism, missions, and outreach.

Where are you on The Discipleship Pathway? To find out more about each step click an image below. It’s time to take your next step!

The Cross Pathway

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