Discovery Bible Studies
What is Discovery Bible Study (DBS)?

DBS is a simple yet effective method for helping people become obedient disciples of Jesus

(Matthew 28:18-20). It is a way for groups to read and discuss the Bible using five types of strategic

questions to discover God and His guidance for our daily lives. In DBS, no one is responsible for

teaching – the group is simply reading, listening to, and discussing the Scripture together, trusting

God’s Spirit to be their teacher and to reveal the truth of God’s Word through the discussion (John


The focus of DBS is discipleship – not just gaining knowledge, but actually practicing the teachings

of Jesus. DBS is dependent upon the Holy Spirit speaking to people through the Word of God to

shape people into obedient disciples of Jesus. DBS is intended for both believers and those who

are not yet believers. The Holy Spirit is working in the life of every participant to shape us into more

obedient disciples of Jesus!