The Discipleship Journey

Salvation is not the end of a journey, but it is the beginning of a life-long walk with God. At Cross Church our purpose is to fulfill the great commission and make disciples. We define a disciple as someone who is fully devoted to Christ, developing the character and nature of Christ, and deployed in fulfilling the mission of Christ.

To enable people to be maturing and multiplying disciples we have created The Discipleship Journey. The Grow step on The Cross Pathway is where we seek to help disciples mature into the people God has called them to be. We do this through:

  1. Foundations - four modules of foundational biblical truth that will help you establish or rediscover the essential truths of the faith.
  2. D-Groups - weekly gatherings of 3-5 gender-specific disciples who meet for 12-18 months for accelerated spiritual transformation.
  3. Leadership Development - training and equipping members for greater effectiveness and levels of leadership through The Leadership Pipeline.
  4. Sending - raising up ministers who will be sent out to help plant churches locally and around the world.

Where are you on The Discipleship Journey? It’s time to take your next step!